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5 reasons to list your home this fall/winter.

Posted by robinson on November 8, 2017
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1. Market is HOT!

Pretty self-explanatory, but we’re currently in a sellers market which means you’re going to get top dollar for your home!

2. Less Competition

Traditionally in the fall/winter there are less homes on the market, meaning less competition and translating to a quicker sale for you. Our market already has seen a very low amount of inventory, so add in the winter decline, that means even less options for buyers out there.

3. More Serious Buyers

The summer season tends to bring a lot of ‘looky lou’s’ or people who are just feeling out whether or not they want to move to the Sunshine Coast. People looking in the winter time tend to be buyers who need to find a place and have made the commitment to moving. This means less showings, but less hassle for you.

4. A more “Homey” feel

Winter time brings the holiday season, the warm fireplaces, the feeling of wanting to be indoors, the fresh baking and all the other good stuff that comes along with it. A nicely decorated holiday home can be very inviting for a buyer as it plays in to the emotional aspect of the home purchase.

5. New mortgage rules coming! (The Big One)

You may have heard the government already implemented the stress testing of high ratio mortgages, making it so buyers with under 20% down payment are qualifying for lesser amounts to purchase a home with. The new changes effective January 1st 2018 will make it so ALL buyers who require financing to purchase a home will have to undergo this stress test. We are unsure what this will do to housing prices short term, but given the current stretch between average income and average home prices, we’ll likely see a correction given that buyers are simply going to be able to afford less under new rules, or come up with more cash for down payments.

If you have been thinking of selling your home, or have any questions, we’d love to sit down and discuss what we can do to help navigate you through today’s market!

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